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Tatiana Maslany’s birthday is September 22 and Jordan Gavaris’s birthday is September 25. So, I thought it would be a wonderful gift from Clone Club to donate to The Trevor Project in their name as a thank you to them for portraying LGBTQ characters on Orphan Black.


Why thank…

Guide to Tatiana Maslany’s Filmography



The Orphan Black hiatus will be back next week, and to avoid Tatiana withdrawals you’ll head to her IMDb. So many options, where to start? Here’s my guide - with links - to her movies and TV appearances, from must watches to don’t bothers.


Happy watching!

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Reblogging because I added a bunch of links recently from the last few months of OB withdrawal. So much Tatiana Maslany to watch.


Put ‘Confess!’ plus an accusation about me in my ask, and I will confess whether it’s true or not!

Here’s some examples to start you off-

  • Confess! Are you turned on by [insert kink here]?
  • Confess! Do you like [insert name here]?
  • Confess! Is it true that you once [insert odd/silly activity here]?
  • Confess! Are you scared of [insert fear here]?
  • Confess! Did you cry during [insert movie here]
Or think of your own! Be as cunning as you like…


I don’t really give a damn bout the next generation of kids coming up not having the same shit we did being “90’s kids” and all but I truly do feel bad that they’ll never experience the month leading up to halloween like we did

It’s amazing how much your mood can change when you figure out your feelings towards someone..


no but imagine Tat falling off her chair while in character as Sarah and she just laughs and pretends that Jordan pushed her

imagine her falling off her chair while in character as Cosima and she just gets into a fit of the giggles and is like “haha man I’m clumsy”…

I coughed on the beat and the beat got sicker
Cormier all on my mouth like liquor
Cosima as a rapper, probably (via wolfboysawicki)





I love October

Aint even October yet lol

Doesn’t have to be October to love it